February + March review

It’s already April! How did that happen? Busy busy busy. I neglected to do an update for February but hopefully I can kind of remember what happened. February isn’t a real month anyway. Need at least 30 days to be a real month I think. Pretty sure.

Update on the wedding plans: we’ve booked the venue for February next year! We started this in Feb and got the forms signed and deposit paid in March, so that’s the main thing that happened since the last update. We’ve chosen and booked a photographer too, both for the pre-wedding photos in Singapore and the actual day. We met with the guy and really like his photos and approach, so I think we made the right choice.

As for the PR application, I have an appointment to submit the documents next week! I still have a few pages to print / photocopy but it’s 90% there. It’s been a long process getting all the documents – it’s nearly 40 pages in total. Fingers crossed they accept my form and hopefully in 4-6 months I’ll hear back from them. I don’t think the wait will be too bad; it’ll be a relief just to finally submit the application.

In other news, we have a trip to the UK coming up in July! Woohoo! We’re there for 2 weeks so it’ll be our longest holiday yet. We’ll be busy towards the end of the year with the wedding and my family are coming over for that, so we thought why not take a long holiday in the middle of the year instead? There’ll be loads of time to travel around so we have a lot of options for what to do while we’re there. It’s going to be awesome. Brin even got a new camera for it.

Plans for April? Well, besides the PR application there’s some more wedding tasks: we’re meeting with a videographer and planning to book a pre-wedding photographer for the UK trip. I need to start sourcing for my suit and we’re going to work on the guestlist. I’d also like to get a website up where our guests can go for info. I’m not sure what it’ll look like yet, but I do want one of those new .wedding domains. We’ll see how that goes.